Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back in Japan - Wacky English

Ha, ha... You can curry the chicken or curry the Beef (as long as you are not Indian). You can even curry the beans. But can you actually curry the HOUSE? Found this curry restaurant near the music college here in Japan. There is plenty of this kind of creative English going on all over the place. I'll keep you up to date..


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yes, More Strange Food

Another strange food from Japan. "Shrimp Fries!" Or maybe "Shrimp Chips!" Sprinkled with savory Korean seaweed or so it says right on the package. These are actually very popular in Japan and can be had for a mere 137 yen or about a buck twenty. I had to take a photo of them with my cell phone when I was shopping at the super market yesterday. I wasn't about to buy them much less take them home with me. I have tried them before but I don't particularly like them enough to actually pay real money for them. So I tool a photo at the grocery store and got a few strange looks because of my behavior.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back in Japan - Strange Food

Although Japanese cuisine is great, the Japanese version of Western food gives me a good crack up. Here is one example.... A Fruit Sandwich, I'll repeat it a little louder.... a FRUIT SANDWICH! Between two slices of earless white bread you will find whipped cream and slices of oranges, pineapples and kiwis! For 245 yen, about two bucks.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Creepy Crawlers

Do you remember "Creepy Crawlers?" I completely forgot that this thing ever existed. My Mother bought one for my daughter Melissa for Christmas. It's funny because your parents sometimes remember the fun things you did when you were kids more so that even you do.

So she got the "Creepy Crawler" bug oven for her grandchild and I got the added pleasure of reliving the fun again. I'll tell you though, they make the "Creepy Crawler" bug maker a lot better now than when I was a kid. Of course we are talking 35 years ago. I remember living in Greenwich Village and making the bugs with my sister. The new "Creepy Crawler" is made safe so you can't burn yourself.

Now it is 2007 and my daughter had a great time making the bugs, picking the colors and putting them in the oven to cook for the three or four minutes it takes. I suggest "Creepy Crawlers" for your kids as well, especially if you want to have some fun making some bugs, worms and spiders yourself.