Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guitar Tools pt.2

My second installment of the column I write for This one is dedicated to treble boosters and especially the most famous one, the Rangemaster.

Treble Boosters
– As we learned in part 1 of this column, guitarists in their quest for rock and roll tone often turned to fuzzes to push their amps to the breaking point, but another group of guitarists used a different device. To add some sparkle to the dark British amps in the sixties, many guitar players turned to treble boosters. In addition to adding more high frequencies, they also helped drive their amps with a dbl boost and some added distortion. Although a very 60s sound, the treble booster sounds completely different than the fuzz but if you want and need a varied classic type sound, having one of these in your bag is a must. More >>>

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Nutty English in Korea

I recently played a show in Korea and look what I found on the door in front of the bathrooms:


Add Image MEN

Does this mean you have two bathrooms, one for grown men and one for boys? Pretty funny..


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A T-Shirt With a Message

This is a lot of message for one small T-shirt. Pretty funny. It even has a title:

Everything that
Irritates us

and then goes on:

Everything that

Irritates us

About Others

Can Lead us

To a Better


Of Ourselves

Don't Push my Buttons

I don't know, is this funny? It sort of cracks me up. I mean it sort suggests that you choose the button you like best rather then the coffee:

Please Push Your Favorite Button