Monday, October 04, 2010

Harley Davidson - Blue Sky Heaven

I played at Harley Davidson's annual event at Fuji Speedway in Japan on the 1st. I had a great time and the place was packed with Harley enthusiasts from all over the country. Harley wanted more of an American rock image to match their iconic bikes so my long time friend Keisuke Nishimoto set up the gig. I heard there were 30,000 in attendance and there were certainly thousands there watching my show. We played at a speedway which is obviously outdoors, so the weather is always an issue in rainy Japan for events like this, but the weather was perfect.

To make the whole thing even more interesting, the lighting engineer coincidentally turned out to be a grad from the college I teach at (check the photo album link below).

There is nothing like getting called for a gig that is perfect for you, where you can play what you like, dress like you like and still get paid like a professional. Long live Harley Davidson!